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The Belgian driver’s license is a highly secure and reliable document that enables individuals to legally operate a motor vehicle in Belgium and other countries that recognize the license. With features such as a high-security hologram, UV feature, microtext, and laser engraving, it is virtually impossible to counterfeit or alter. Get your Belgian driver’s license today and enjoy the freedom of safe and responsible driving on the road.

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The Belgian driver’s license is a legal document that allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle on public roads in Belgium and other countries that recognize the license. It is a secure and reliable credential that verifies the holder’s driving skills and experience, and contains personal information such as name, photograph, address, and driver category.

The Belgian driver’s license has a credit card size format and is printed on a plastic card. It contains several security features, including a hologram, microtext, and a unique driver identification number. These features help to prevent counterfeiting and protect against fraud, ensuring the authenticity and validity of the license.

To obtain a Belgian driver’s license, applicants must pass a written exam and a practical driving test, as well as meet certain age and medical requirements. The license is categorized into different groups based on the type of vehicle that the holder is authorized to drive, and the license is renewable every 10 years.

The Belgian driver’s license is recognized as a reliable and secure document throughout Europe and other parts of the world, making it an essential credential for anyone who wishes to drive in Belgium or abroad. It is also accepted as a form of identification by many Belgian institutions and businesses, making it a versatile document that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Overall, the Belgian driver’s license is a secure and essential document that signifies the holder’s driving skills and experience. Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced one, obtaining a Belgian driver’s license is an important step towards independence and mobility on the road.

Security Features

  • Hologram: The card features a high-security hologram that is difficult to reproduce.
  • UV feature: The card has a UV feature that can only be seen under UV light, making it difficult to forge or alter.
  • Microtext: Fine microtext is printed on the card, which is difficult to replicate and can only be read under magnification.
  • Guilloche pattern: The card has a complex guilloche pattern that is difficult to reproduce.
  • Laser engraving: The card features laser engraving, which makes it difficult to alter or replicate.
  • Tactile feature: The card has a tactile feature, which is a raised surface on the photograph of the driver, making it difficult to tamper with.
  • Unique driver identification number: The card has a unique driver identification number, which is printed on the card and contains a combination of letters and numbers.

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    Honest people: My document got seized upon delivery, which was totally my fault. But they made amends and got me another one.

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    You are really good at what you do. Its fascinating

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    Quality document for a fair price

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    Professional services, also friendly. I was an ass trying to fool around since i have been deceived several times. But since their customer support was friendly, especially Kevin, i gave them a shot. Surprisingly, they came through

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